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...for the emerging sovereign State of New Biafra


Ozodi Osuji

  And you, Collins Ezebuihe, know that this is the way certain people up north think and yet you make it your life’s goal to insult them every day of your life. You know or should know that if Jonathan does anything to the Emir of Kano that a word from him would make his people go to the streets and start killing every Igbo person in sight and it would spread to killing Igbos all over the North. 

  We know that Muslims obey their leaders and do as they are told to do. Like sheep people they do what their feudal lords ask them to do. See what is going on in Iraq where Americans propped up a Shia government under Nouri Maliki and in their foolishness believed that they had solved the problem.

  Iraq is composed of three groups: Kurds, Shia and Sunni; they hate each other with passion; each does not want one to rule the others; a realistic solution is to break that country put together by the British into three countries but America felt it had solved the problem. America poured billions of dollars into an unrealistic mission and that house of cards is now unraveling!

  The Sunni Mullahs ask their people to go die fighting the American propped up government at Bagdad and, as you can see, the Sunni fighters are only thirty miles from Bagdad and if the West does not intervene Nouri Maliki is toast. 

  Northern Nigeria is composed of Sunni Muslims and behave like Sunni Muslims everywhere; that is, they obey their leaders like herds of sheep; therefore, rational persons avoid antagonizing them, for they do not seem to have the capacity for individual thinking. You cannot reason with those who behave like mobs and do not ask questions when told to go kill people.

  The point is that you know or should know that Muslims obey their feudal lords. If that is the case you exercise caution in how you call their lords negative names. I have noted how you and other misguided Igbos have been writing nonsense about Emir Sanusi.

  Nebucadinazar, that idiot without an ounce of intelligence in his thick skull, has been trying to demonstrate how learned he is by jabbering all over the place, telling us how Sanusi is wrong and the person who fired him from his job is right. That man supposedly studied law but does not reason like a lawyer; he lacks the sagacity and ability to dissemble as seasoned attorneys do; he just says whatever enters his empty head without thinking about its consequences. In his dense mind he thinks that he is being smart but, actually, he is making an asshole of his self!

  According to the statue establishing the Central bank, it is meant to be an independent agency; this is done to prevent the president pressuring its leader to engage in monetary policies that he wants that the technocrat running the outfit does not deem appropriate. The idea is to make the man running the joint as independent as is possible, so that he can use his technical training in economics and finance to do the right thing for the country instead do what the political class deem expedient in the short run that may be detrimental in the long run. 

  Once the president appoints the central bank’s governor and the legislature confirms him, he is supposed to be independent and the president cannot fire him. If he commits a crime only the legislature should impeach him after going through a thorough judicial investigation and public hearing. 

  Jonathan, acting like an African tin-can dictator, fired Sanusi. Can you image Obama firing Janet Yalen, the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Bank? If he did he would be impeached by Congress. That legal reality notwithstanding, Igbo folks blind their eyes to the wrong done by Jonathan and talk rubbish just because they do not like Hausas. 

  If you do not like Hausas why don’t you hide it and pretend to like them? For Christ sake, try to be diplomatic! Diplomats will be saying nice things about you, smiling with you, winning you and at the same time plotting to kill you. This is how the real world works. For example, I say nice things about Nigerians but that is not necessarily what I know about them! I know that Muslims would kill me and other Igbos in a jiffy! I know that they do not value human life and have no respect for human dignity; every person can be sacrificed for Allah and his prophet, Mohammad.

  A jihadist is willing to die for Muslim cause and go have sex with the 72 virgins allegedly waiting for him in paradise (can one man really satisfy the sexual cravings of 72 women? Never mind, we are not talking reason here!)

  You can afford to call your fellow Igbos like me negative names for you understand that there is nothing we can do to you but if you extend that negative name calling to Sansui, a Muslim leader you know that you have signed and sealed the death warrant of Igbos living in the North! 

  Do you know this or don’t you? Do folks like you learn from our history in that fallen house called Nigeria? If you do learn from history you would do what some Igbos do, not alienate Hausas and behind the scenes work for the collapse of Nigeria or at least for its restructuring so that Igbos and other ethnic groups rule themselves in confederated states (I am very consistent in my politics; I have always called for a confederation for Nigeria; that is, my thinking is in accord with the Aburi declaration). 

  Listen up: all Igbos should keep quiet on what is going on in Kano. We should not express any kind of opinion on Sansui; we should let Hausas and Fulani’s sort out their issues without an Igbo injecting his self into who is made the emir of Kano.  

  This is not cowardice but prudence; we must do our best to prevent Muslims from killing our people in the north. Please remember that if the word is given and Hausas begin killing Igbos, the United Nations would not intervene to stop it and, perhaps, the General Assembly would pass a resolution decrying the killing but that is not implementable. Only the Security Council can pass resolution for the UN to intervene in Nigeria. And that is not going to happen and even if it happens, say, a year down the road (giving Hausas enough time to wipe out Igbos in the North), someone has to finance the sending of peace keeping troops in Nigeria; only Americans can do that. Would Americans do it, what do you think?

  These days, most Americans know that Igbos are mainly responsible for Nigerians 419 criminal activities in the Western world; they understand that Igbos are mostly responsible for the various bank scams, credit card scams, social security card scams and other criminal activities done by Nigerians in the USA (see US Congressional hearing on Nigerians criminal activities in the USA); as such, Americans probably would not lift a finger to go help those they consider criminals. In my judgment, the USA would not intervene to help Igbos! 

  Barack Obama considers Igbos and Nigerians in general as criminals and would not lose sleep if Igbos are killed; indeed, he does not appear to worry when people are killed. I have never seen an “I don’t care idiot” occupying the White House in all my stay in the USA! See, over 150 000 Syrians have been massacred by Assad and his Alawite Shia Muslims and the man does not lift a finger to help them; he is so cruel and dense that he does not bother his dim mind with other folks suffering. 

  The point is that no one would come to help our brothers in the North as Muslims massacre them. If you know this fact you don’t alienate Hausas, as some daft Igbos are currently doing over this Sansui affair.

  Thank you for listening and paying attention to the voice for reason instead of blowing hot and cold all over the place, accomplishing nothing positive but setting Igbos up to be killed by Muslims.

  I am Igbo and have relatives in the North; if your tactless writing leads to the killing of Igbos in the North my folks would be killed; therefore, it is my business to ask you folks to shut your freaking, motor mouths up and let Hausa-Fulanis sort out their issues. 

  Who the governor of Kano state appoints as the emir of Kano is not an Igbo affair; concentrate on Igbo affairs, such as making sure that Igbo governors are not pocketing the money they obtain from Abuja. Develop Alaigbo and leave other Nigerians to deal with their own issues. A word should be enough for the wise Igbo person. 

  Blowing poor grammar over Hausa issues is irritating to Hausas; given what we have suffered in the hands of Hausas in the cage called Nigeria, we ought to know that fact by now! We ought to mind our business, not Hausas business. 

  Shut the fuck up and say nothing more on the Sanusi affair; you have said too much already; if a man is in a hole he should not be digging; stop, your noise making is driving some rational Igbos crazy!

Ozodi Osuji

June 13, 2014