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...for the emerging sovereign State of New Biafra

Political Christianity: Is it time to embrace it?
A few decades ago, catholic priest in South America did embrace political Christianity, even if the pope did not. Latin Americans couched in an enviable term - LIBERATION THEOLOGY. Is it something that SESS can borrow? We need it

Now as the Boko Haram is raining death and destruction, bombing Nigeria to smithereens, and SESS is predominantly Christian, isn't this time we take a crack at it at liberating ourselves with God and us in the trenches? I have no doubt that the western Democracies who are also Christian nations, and have been hurt by the same Muslims that defeated Biafra, will support us when we plan to walk from Muslim Nigeria.

This brings me to some issue I had discussed in an earlier article titled; the Curse of Igbo Disunity

Why are some of the people of SESS people attacking the Christian religion that not only helped us survive Biafra but were the instrument that propelled Eastern Nigeria to superior heights that overtook the monarchist Yoruba and the feudalist Hausa/Fulani? .Why are these people bent on di-Christianizing the SESS. They attack it from the liberal mindset of the overly educated atheist or as Ogonmuo juju philosophy. 

I'm quite sure that going to church every Sunday could, in fact, be a hassle, and may not be everyone's cup of tea. Frankly, it is not mine either until late. I'm a believer who go to church very sparingly. But I will give everything to have a society built on Christian ethics and principles. Much like Ghana at least, the US or EU

Why are we not thinking of Christianity as a tool to escape from Muslim Nigeria.

For atheists and Ogonmuo people, here is another way to look at Christianity without going to church - by the society that it creates and builds. That society is called the Judeo-Christian world. It is the kind of worldview that western Democracies are built upon - the US, the EU and South America, and even Ghana. 

This society accepts all religions or even those with no religion at all. The Judeo-Christian societies are in direct and opposition to the other kind of society - Islamo-Sharia societies. So, who wouldn't want such a society instead of the Islamo-Sharia worldview? I am sure that all the people of SESS nations would prefer the Judeo-Christian society better than what they get now- a hybrid of Christian Democracy and Islam Sharia. When these tow philosophies are contained in one political space, It makes the bombs start going off.

Islamo-Sharia society in Northern Nigeria, and Christian Democracy in the SESS is the reason bombs are going off every day. On the other hand, the Judeo-Christian worldview is accepting of unbelievers, and believers of other religions. Isn't that what the SESS people should be rooting for? Why are our atheist and Ogonmuo people disarming the SESS NATION of one tool they have to walk from Muslim Nigeria? 

It has to be the work of the liberal academia of western Democracies which our compatriots have imbibed hook, line and sinker. that is putting us on the path to perdition? Have we clogged reasoning ability with liberalism? The SESS is in a grave danger, but we are drunk, selfish and unthinking on the titanic. You are taking away the one resource for them to rally around in order fight the coming war against Muslim Jihadists.

 Are you thinking or are you not thinking.

Existence of God or no existence of is purely academic. It doesn't matter one way or the other, to the pedestrian on the SESS streets. They know what they know, everything else is turenchi. But when your life is in danger, common sense kicks in. We the SESS must remain on the side of the Judeo-Christian worldview. But if you consistently tear it to shreds, who are you working for, and on whose side are you. 

Is it not proper to hold on this anti-Christian sentiments until we become a free and independent nation from Muslim Nigeria? There is enough time yapping academically. What will the SESS become if you it is de-Christianize? Ogonmuo, perhaps. But that is what gives the hard on to Muslims to eat you alive. Ogonmuo is NOT an Abrahamic religion. Forced conversions will be the order of the day.

Besides, before the Biafra war, Christian secondary schools like CIC, CKC, DEMGRAM, and others were where our eminent politicians were raised. They gave the East Region the leg up against Yoruba monarchists, and Hausa/Fulani feudalist. Culturally, Educationally and Technologically speaking, we overtook them coming from the behind. 

Why are we doing to our best friend, Christianity now?