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...for the emerging sovereign State of New Biafra
When one takes a good look at the gory, blood-curdling pictures on the home page, you'd wince in pain and tended to take away your eyes. The next question will be who is the beast that perpetrated these horrors of unimaginable brutality. In two words - Islamists and Jihadists of Muslim Nigeria. That's who. These atrocities came from the bloody hands of Hausa/Fulani Islamists. These are religious cousins to the dreaded Boko Haram. These murderers are fighting ethnic Christian Birom people for their lands. These savages may succeed if the world does not know or does not care. That is why we bring the issue to the world, in all it grotesque and barbaric form. There is an ignominious veil of secrecy hiding and cocooning these atrocities in Nigeria. These are the pictures that Nigerian officials are hiding from the world. But we of the non-violent separation group are determined to lift the veil, and show the dark side of Nigeria to the world.  

As Samuel Huntington had predicted in his pivotal and seminal essay -the Clash of Civilizations, the fault line that separates the believers in Islamo-Sharia worldview and those that believe in the Judeo-Christian world view, run smack through the middle of Nigeria. Wherever and whenever these two ancient and antithetical civilizations collide, it touches off shock booms and blood flows in the streets, mayhem and murders become the order of the day.

One such unfortunate place is called Jos, in Plateau State. Today as we speak, there are large scale infanticides, murders and mayhem perpetrated by Fulani Muslims to dispossess the Christians of Birom. Quite frankly, the Christian Birom of Jos has been absorbing this seismic shock. They happen to live to close to the Muslims epicenters. The pictures you are looking at proves that these two opposing civilizations - Islamic Sharia and Christian Democracy - must be separated. They should not be allowed to co-exist in the same country, especially in the huge numbers that both command in Nigeria.  

Murder and mayhem by Islamic militants were first recorded in northern Nigeria in 1945, in the dark days of pre-independence. The Christian Igbo people took the full brunt of that Islamic anger, as they had spread all over Islamic northern Nigeria, in search of jobs as one Nigerian.  And again in 1953, there was yet another flare up, and once again the Christians people of Eastern Nigerians, living in the Muslim areas of northern Nigeria , were massacred in their thousands. As was expected, the British colonial masters put a lid on it, to not offset the applecart. Things continued to simmer and boil until 1966, when it suddenly went viral. The coup which was carried out by southern army officers, mostly Igbo culminated in the mass genocide of the Easterners and the Igbo. Over 80, 000 Eastern Christians were savaged, massacred, raped, pregnant women disemboweled. It has continued ever since through the Biafran-Nigerian war. It has and culminated in recent horror de jour - Boko Haram.

Well over 4 million Biafran children were starved to death , simply to get Biafra soldiers to surrender. Kwashiorkor was the pain of the littlest Biafran child. If this isn't a war crime, someone tell me what is?

The Christian nations of Eastern Nigeria, then called Biafra was finally defeated by the combined arsenal of the British, and Soviet Union. These Christian ethnic nations constitute the bread basket of Nigeria. They have the liquid back gold. OIL. Yet, they remained the least developed in Nigeria. 
Their Oil money was used to build a new capital, and the bridges and infrastructure of Lagos. But nothing was left for the owner of the Oil. Nothing! In a majority Muslim nation as Nigeria, Christians are at disadvantage. The Nigeria Christian population of 55 million SESS that is often touted glowingly as good thing, as how integration is working, and as how a mix of large populations of Islamic and Christians can co-exist in one nation. But honestly, is it? Are things working out for Nigeria? The answer is no. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is not at all, but the source of the big problem. If Nigeria had only 10% Christian population, like Egypt and other Mideast nations, there will be relative peace, the peace of the graveyard. The Christians would know to keep their faith in secret, and their mouths shuttered. Even then, every now and then, when it suites the Muslims, they'd slaughter them 

The point to be made is that Islam can only tolerated only 10% Christian population as captive slaves. As well, Christian populations must endeavor to tolerate just as well, 10% Islamic population. If this Hammond rule is violated, both Christians and Muslims will never know peace. Bloodletting will become the order of the day. We demand that Muslim Nigeria be separated from Christian Nigeria immediately but with non-violence. Thank you  

  -by Azubike Ekwueme
by Azubike Ekwueme